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Results for the ‘Bracelets’ Category

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  Amber Resin Bead Stretch           Amber Resin Roll Bead           Chunky Red Ball Bracelet
             Bracelet SH417                    Bracelet  SH370                      SH440


  Chunky Turquoise Ball                   Clear Faceted Glass Roll         Clear Glass Vintage Bracelet
          Bracelet  SH439                     Bracelet  SH727                          SH725


  Clear Tinted Glass Chunky       Tibetan Flower Drop Bracelet      Tibetan Silver Swirl with
        Bangle  SH724                      Vintage Glass   SH729                  Clear Glass SH728


  Turquoise Rock Crystal Roll
        Bracelet  SH373

Tibetan Silver Bracelets are priced at £10.00

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  Amber Flux Bead Butterfly          Black Rock Crystal with        Black with Tibetan Silver
            SH467                                 Flower Charms  SH550            Swirl   SH658

  Clear Faceted Glass & Butterfly     Clear Glass 3 Bead                 Earth Tone Tibetan
         Bangle SH723                           Bracelet  SH726                     Bangle SH538


   Red 3 Bead Bracelet                Red Rocks Crystal & Flower        Rose Quartz Tibetan Bangle
          CD105                                      Charms  SH551                         SH537


 Turquoise 3 Bead Bracelet            Turquoise Bead Butterfly        Turquoise Rock Crystal with
             CD106                                 Bangle  SH466                        Flower Charms   SH552

Tibetan Silver Bracelets are priced at £10.00


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    Agate & Flower Bracelet           Agate Triple Band Bracelet       Amethyst Edged Bangle
                 SH093                                 SH063                                   SH419


    Black Slim Bangle                     Blue Glass 2 Bead Bangle       Clear Crystal Snake Bangle
               SH434                                    SH442                                    SH722


   Faceted Red Glass Wide          Green Pearl Tibetan Silver          Multi Coloured Slim
           Bangle    SH609                        Bangle  SH527                     Bangle SH435


    Tiger Eyed Bead Snake      Turquoise Rock Crystal Snake         Turquoise Slim Bangle
           Bangle  SH626                         SH430                                    SH433

Tibetan Silver Bracelets & Bangles are priced at £10.00


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  Black Centre Bracelet                Black Faceted Glass Bangle      Black Rock Crystal & Tibetan
             SH034                                         SH413                             Twist Bracelet  SH484


 Earth Tone & Leaf Bracelet    Multi Colour & Tibetan Flower     Multicolured Ball & Link
               SH094                                           SH030                                   SH046

     Multicolured Ball                   Red Rock Crystal & Tibetan               Tiger Eye & Leaf
               SH090                                    SH484R                                        SH088


      Turquoise Centre                   Turquoise Rock Crystal &         Turquoise Rock Crystal &
        SH048                                     Tibetan Link   SH026          Tibetan Twist   SH484T

Tibetan Silver Bracelets & Bangles are priced at £9.99


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  • Tibetan silver is Hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause skin reactions due to its minimal nickel content
  • Tibetan Silver also becomes brighter as you wear it, as it reacts with body heat and sunlight
  • Unusual, intricate detail – making this range very desirable. Popular all year round
  • All bracelets have an extension link 1” – 1.5” and will fit most wrists

       Centre Flower Bracelet             Detailed Ball & Twist Bead
                    SH035                                               SH037     


        Double Strand Flower             Double Strand Twist Treble        Tibetan Silver 3 Flower
                SH113                                                  SH112                                     SH492


       Tibetan Silver Flower Link        Tibetan Silver Link & Ball          Triple Flower Silver
                          SH488                                     SH519                                     SH117

       Wide S Link Bracelet

    Tibetan Silver Bracelets & Bangles are priced at £10.00



    Hematite Wraps can be worn as either bracelets or necklaces


      Magnetic Hematite Wrap           Magnetic Hematite Wrap            Magnetic All Hematite
      & Shiny Petrol Coloured              & Silver Spacers                           Wrap – 31 inch
      Beads – 31 inch    505*01          31 inch         505*03                          505*02

    Hematite wraps are priced at £5.00


         Resin Bangle BANR0009           Resin Bangle BANR0013          Resin Bangle BANR0014


          Resin Bangle BANR0017          Resin Bangle BANR0019          Resin Bangle BANR0020


           Resin Bangle BANR0021         Resin Bangle BANR0022          Resin Bangle BANR0024


           Resin Bangle BANR0025         Resin Bangle BANR0027          

    Resin & Wooden Bangles are priced at £5.00


       Magnetic 7inch with fastening          Magnetic Ball – stretch            Magnetic Ovals & White Pearl
                   504*05                                           504*49                              504*52


      Magnetic Rectangle & Double Ball Row – stretch

    Hematite Bracelets are priced at £4.00


  • Excellent quality with intricate detail
  • Large faceted glass beads.
  • A best seller!
  • Elasticated
  • Weight – approx 40g

          Amber Charm Bracelet              Black Charm Bracelet               Clear Tinted Charm Bracelet
                   SH164                                        SH160                                       SH169


        Electric Blue Charm Bracelet      Light Blue Charm Bracelet        Light Green Charm Bracelet
                          SH163                                   SH158                                          SH162


        Multicoloured Charm Bracelet       Pink Charm Bracelet                Purple Charm Bracelet
                     SH168                                           SH161                                    SH167

         Red Charm Bracelet

    Tibetan Charm Bracelets are priced at £10.00


                Millefiori Dark                     Millefiori Colourful Chunky          White Porcelin & Millefiori
                  18*22D                                            18*220                                     18*2203P


              Millefiori Red Chunky          Mixed Colour Foil Glass             Millefiori Colourful Oval & Pearl
                    18*22R                                         18*22FG                                   18*1301


          Millefiori Square & Crystal     Millefiori Colourful Teardrop & Pearl     Millefiori Colour Sparkle
                    08*08CR                                 12*100                                    18*13CRY


            Millefiori Colour Cube             Millefiori Ball & Crystal              Millefiori & Green Crystal
                       08*08MF                                07*07CR                             12*12CR


            Millefiori & Goldstone                Millefiori & Crystal                  Millefiori & Black Crystal
                      18*22GS                                 09*09CCR                              10*10C


              Millefiori Pink Crystal           Grey Glass Pearl & Crystal           Foil Glass Red Tones
                     11*11CR                                    13*13CR                                    22001


              Coloured Crystal                  Millefiori Colourful Rectangle & Pearl
                  13*13CR                                            14*1001

    Millefiori, Crystal & Glass Bracelets are priced at £10.00